Reiki I & II Workshops – A Huge Success!

Reiki I & II Workshops – A Huge Success!

A few weekends ago, March 18-20, we held our Spring Reiki I & II workshops.  We had a full house – twelve in our Reiki I and ten in our Reiki II classes. People came from as far as North Carolina, USA and Alberta, Canada to take these workshops through our Society.  We had, as always, some profound times of sharing as we came together to learn and to share. Sr. Eileen and myself co-taught these two groups and as always, we came away feeling that we had learned as much as we had taught.

We offer the Reiki I and II workshops back to back in a three day weekend.  Some take only the Reiki Level I – and then return at a later date to take the Level II.  Many, though, like to take both workshops together.  While it is a weekend of intense learning, it is also a time of profound sharing and encouragement. While all of us go away tired, we also take with us some newly formed and lasting friendships, and a sense of belonging to a caring community.  When the time comes for us to meet again (as it usually does, through advanced levels of training, or through ongoing Healing groups) we come together with the lovely feeling of belonging to something greater than ourselves.  Knowing we are all on similar journeys, there is a deep sense of understanding and connection.

We had a very special group of ladies (and one gentleman!) attending these sessions, and we want to say ‘thank you’ to all of you for feeling safe enough to share your lives with us, and for allowing Eileen, Val, Judith and myself to share in your life’s journeys.  These ladies shared with us some wonderful (and sometimes funny) stories of how they came to be at our Reiki workshops and how they feel Reiki will benefit their lives after this weekend of learning. Together, we all realized once again what a gift  Reiki is in our time and we felt blessed to have learned this easy, accessible and very powerful modality.

We would like to take this time to thank our two helpers for these sessions – Val Wishlow and Judith Miller, whose help and contributions to our teaching sessions we so very much appreciated!  Having their extra help is so important in groups like these, especially when we were full to capacity.  Also, to Karsten and Jyoti Bruun, many thanks for making your sacred space so available to us.  We are blessed to have such a special place in which to do our workshops and have our ongoing Healing groups as well.

Reiki Master class is coming up soon, followed by a Karuna Reiki© Master class in just a few weeks time, and we still have some space in the Karuna class.  As well, the dates are now up for our Fall classes.  If you are interested in learning about any of these, or registering, you can click on any of these workshops to the right of this page.



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