Reiki for Self-Healing

Reiki for Self-Healing

Many people in the Reiki community that I belong to take Reiki training in order to practise on others.  And there are many, as well, that have learned the benefits of using Reiki as a self-healing, self care tool. Some that I have spoken with, however, never think to use Reiki on themselves, and I believe they are missing out. So I wanted to share my own journey of Reiki self healing with you today.

When I took the Reiki training many years ago, my own initial desire was to give Reiki sessions, which I did, for many years. For some reason, I didn’t much think about the possibility of using  my Reiki training on my own body.  If I didn’t use it to help someone else, then I didn’t use it – period.

In the past few years, I have begun to think differently around this. I think it’s been our beloved Sr. Eileen’s gentle encouragement, and seeing how Reiki self-treatment has changed her own body and healed her in a powerful way, that has opened my own eyes.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with body image and a severe dissociation from my own body, due to childhood trauma. How did that play out?  Well, when I looked into the mirror,  I felt nothing.  NUMB. I remember looking into the mirror and seeing my face, but actually not even seeing my body! That’s dissociation at it’s worst, I expect. I didn’t care about what I ate, how much sleep I got, or whether I moved my body – ever!  And the self-talk was worse than terrible.

Probably two years ago, I began to give myself a daily Reiki treatment before I get out of bed in the morning. While that’s not possible every day, I do this as many days a week as I have time for.  While I always pray for God’s highest healing, I also always begin with the intention of healing my own body image and becoming connected to my ‘self’ in a new way.

What has happened in that time?  While I have not experienced any noticable physical healing (yet!), my own emotional healing around my body has been profound.  I now thank my body regularly for the work that she does. When I look into the mirror, I now see my whole self – and I love what I see!  I now realize fully that everything I say about my body registers deep into the cells – and I want only good things to register! I treat myself with tender loving care – being more and more conscious of how I ‘feel’ – and giving myself what I need in that moment, whether it be the right kind of food, more sleep, or to take a break throughout the day to stretch or go for a walk – I am increasingly more and more devoted to this temple I have been given. I have learned to accept myself with joy, just as I am in this moment.

I prayed for a deeper connection to my own physical body – and that’s exactly what happened!

You know how I know that Reiki is changing my body image?  When I stop doing Reiki for a time, due to time constraints or just downright feeling too lazy – within a few weeks I notice a shift in how I am treating myself.  I find myself becoming dissociated again – meaning I stop having awareness around what my body needs at any given time. My self care regiment definitely suffers, and I begin to feel an overall sense of being unhappy with myself again.

This has been a deep change for me – and I’ve come to realize that the power of the Reiki experience is not to be taken lightly! If you’re reading this and have not thought about doing self Reiki – give it some thought! Better yet, take some time to give yourself a treatment today!


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