Experiencing Reiki – How Does It Feel?

Experiencing Reiki – How Does It Feel?

Beginning A Treatment

If you’ve never experienced a Reiki treatment before , you might be wondering what it’s all about – and how you’ll feel during that treatment.  Here is what you can expect.

While all practitioners are different, pretty much the same basic rules apply.  The following methods are what we teach here at Queenswood Holistic Healing. When arriving for a Reiki treatment, you will be greeted by the practitioner, who will give you some instruction as to what is about to happen.  You will then be asked to lie down comfortably on a massage table.  Or, if you are someone who for some reason, cannot lie down, a Reiki treatment can also take place in a chair, or even lying on your own bed!  You will be asked to relax, fully.  At QHHSS, we use the ‘rag doll’ term when we speak of relaxing.  Full relaxation is required when doing a Reiki treatment.  It is believed that when the body is fully relaxed, that’s when the body’s innate healing mechanisms are enabled.

Client’s Comfort Of The Utmost Importance!

The practitioner may or may not turn on some soft music.  You may or may not be covered with a light blanket.  We teach our practitioners to always have the comfort of the client in mind.  Is she warm enough? Is he too warm?  Does he want music, or prefer silence?  Is she comfortable?  Does she need to change positions?  The practitioners are asked to share with the client before the treatment begins that it’s important for the client to be vocal about his/her needs during the treatment.  Our practitioners are asked to keep the client’s best interests at heart.

A practitioner may then ask if there is anything you would like to concentrate on during this treatment.  Do you have a part of your body that needs special attention – something that is causing you pain?  Are you making a tough decision in your life? Perhaps you are grieving a loss of someone or something dear to you.  Maybe your life is about to go in a completely different direction – or maybe you just don’t know which way to go!  Reiki can help with ALL of these things.  Sometimes the practitioner will help you set an intention for the treatment before you get started.

Now the practitioner will prepare  by using the Reiki symbols over your body.  After this, she will lay her hands on you in the various Reiki positions. We teach the basic positions of the Chakra system –  but there are also more positions that can be used.  We teach  practitioners in our workshops to be sensitive to the flow of the Reiki energy.  Sometimes that means he or she will stay on a certain part of the body longer – or use a different position than she would normally use.

What Can You Expect?

As a client, you may feel warmth from the practitioners hands.  You may feel a certain part of your body become warm, or cold. You may feel a tingling sensation, or you may see colours behind your eyes.  The release of energy during the treatment may brings tears of release.  You might find yourself experiencing some past memories you thought you had long forgotten. A certain part of your body might jerk occasionally as energy releases from different parts of your system.  All of this is absolutely normal!  Some clients ‘feel’ nothing at all – this too is normal!  If you are someone who feels nothing, please don’t go away worried that Reiki has not worked for you.  That’s not true!  The Reiki energy flows through the practitioners hands whether or not you ‘feel’ something – always bringing exactly what is needed for you at that time.

At QHHSS, we teach that we are the conduits for Reiki energy.  We are not ‘healers.’  The Divine is the healer, and we are the channel through which the healing takes place.  During the treatment, the practitioner will tune in to the energy’s vibrations, the intentions you have set, and will pray for your highest healing to be received. That highest healing may not always be what we expect it to be. It’s important for those experiencing a treatment to be open to the idea that the Divine knows exactly what you need – even if you think you need something entirely different!

After the treatment, the practitioner will usually give you a short time to rest and come back into your body before you get up off the table.  She may give you a glass of water.  Now is the time she will  explain some of the things you can expect after a Reiki treatment.  If she does not, ask her. If you have any questions, do ask them before you leave!  Then she will send you on your way.

These are some of the things you might expect during a Reiki treatment.  While all practitioners are different and have their own way of doing things, these are the basics of what you might find.  If you are interested in taking a Reiki workshop to do Reiki for others or for yourself, you will find our workshops listed to the right of this page. Or, you can find all of our workshops by clicking here.

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