Our First Special Event of 2016 -“Call of the Mystic” – was a great success!

Our First Special Event of 2016 -“Call of the Mystic” – was a great success!

This past month Queenswood Holistic Healing was pleased to present our first Special Event of 2016. This workshop day was facilitated by modern day Mystic “Ivry” and included deep times of soul sharing as well as rituals from many traditions. You can learn more about Ivry and her work here.

This profoundly spiritual event was enjoyed by all. Here’s what the participants had to say.

Lorna says:

Ivry’s stories and poems, her amazing voice, and the richness of her Metis and Mystical heritage came to us wrapped in splendour. We were swept into the realm of Creator’s pure love, light and mystery, enhanced by many beautiful, meaningful symbolic experiences. Christian, Sufi and Buddhist spiritualities were present in this inclusive experience of Oneness. We were all cared for, heard, and supported.

Jeanette adds:

I felt truly honoured and blessed to participate in Call of the Mystic, which was lead by Ivry, a passionate authentic mystic. Ivry shared insights of her journey and invited us to participate in rituals from different spiritual traditions that grounded me and gently opened my heart. In that opening, I felt a deep connection with the Divine and a communion with all present. What an amazing experience!

And this from Sherry:

It was a day of ritual, spiritual meditation and ceremony. I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I appreciated that Reverend Ivry wove Métis traditions with treasures taken from various faiths, to create a day that filled us with wonder. There was one point where Reverend Ivry was speaking about eating her lunch one day ,and how the realization came to her that in Gods divine love for us, that everything in that moment existed for her. From the tree that died, to the newspaper she was reading, even the cat that called to her to rub its belly expressed the fullness of Gods endless love for her. It really struck me, how true that is.We did another powerful ritual, where we lay our hands on top of another person’s hands, looked into their eyes and simply stated “I am”. I found this to be amazing, as we shared a soul moment with each other.I swear I was looking into the eyes of Christ, and I believe I was. It was magical day to say the least. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone seeking a closer relationship with the divine.

Upcoming Events

Stay on the lookout for more of these amazing special events. Our next one coming up entitled Crystal Bowl Bliss is coming up February 20. While this class is now full, we are taking names for a class for February 21 as well. If we get enough names, we will hold a second class.

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