Prayer for Reiki Healing

Prayer for Reiki Healing

In our Reiki Healing Community, we are often asked to send long distance Reiki healing to people who are unwell. Here is a profound prayer that could be said before sending the long distance Reiki healing. With gratitude to all of you who share in this healing ministry.

Sister Eileen.

Pray for Others

My connection to God fuels my compassion for others.


I am infinitely connected to God. And because

God is the source of all life, my connection

unites me with all living beings. Like a thread in

a beautiful tapestry, I am an individuation of the

whole. Other people may appear separate or

different from me, yet when I look at the entire

picture, I see that we are all connected.

Compassion wells up within me upon the

realization that we are all one.


If the emotions of others seem so

overwhelming that my peace of mind begins to

be affected, I find strength and resilience

through the practice of prayer. I support and

care for all of life by visualizing the perfect

health and wholeness of each being. I do this

because I am infinitely connected to all living

beings through our oneness in God.

Pray for one another, so that you may be healed.—James 5:16

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