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Prevention & Treatment of Common Diseases

Prevention & Treatment of Common Diseases


Date: Saturday, June 15, 2019

Time: 9 am to 4 pm

Location: 3950 Columbine Way (Swan Creek Rec Centre)

Facilitator: Dr. Katrine B. Hegillman, TCM B.Sc.

Cost: $120.00 (Please familiarise yourself with our cancellation policy, below)


Opening: So Tai Ho exercise. Method developed by Dr. Hashimoto, Neurologist.
Lecture: Part 1: Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex – it’s role in stress and trauma, and Acupuncture Science in reversing its damage.
Short demo of Japanese Acupuncture/ Acupressure if there is a volunteer.
Lunch: Participants will bring their own lunch; tea and cookies will be provided.
Lecture Part 2: Moxibustion research, Moxa Africa, benevolent action. (Moxibustion is a treatment used in Chinese Herbal Medicine)
Q and A
Closing: Medical Qi Gong sequence: 8 Brocades
Cancellation Policy: Upon cancellation, a $25. administration fee will be held back from your refund, unless you are cancelling due to illness or family emergency.  If cancelling within one week before the workshop begins, no refund will be given.
Dr. Katrine Hegillman has been in Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine practice since 1999.
She has studied with many masters including Ikeda Masakazu Sensei (Shikoku, Imabari prefecture, Japan) and Kiiko Matsumoto Sensei
(Boston, Massachusetts USA) a Japanese style of Acupuncture that is based in Abdominal Diagnosis and Meridian Palpation.
She has also studied nutrition, Medical Qi Gong and So Tai Ho (Natural Movement Therapy) type of exercise invented by late Dr. Hashimoto MD.
She has passion to share practical and useful techniques to enhance health, longevity as well as prevent common degenerative
illnesses that are more and more prevalent among out population.

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