Hayley A. C., RST

Sister Eileen and fellow Reiki Masters, thank you so much for introducing me to the world of Reiki and all the love and healing it brings.  I feel so grateful to have received Reiki Level One from Sister Eileen and to have had the opportunity to continue on with her to receive my Reiki Level Two, Master Level and Karuna Reiki© Master Level.

Sister Eileen’s classes were all presented in a clear and easy to understand format.  The written handouts were very helpful.  There was a wealth of information but I never felt overwhelmed and always completed the course feeling more rejuvenated, clear, inspired and at peace than when I walked in the door.  I have found Sister Eileen’s workshops to be so supportive in my own life’s journey that I have been inspired to share this gift with others through my own workshops.  I feel so blessed that Reiki is part of my life and that I can now share this beautiful healing gift with others in my practice and as students.

Dorathy W.

Early in 2014, I was gifted by grace to see a video about Reiki and Sister Eileen’s teaching at Queenswood in Victoria.  I immediately felt I must take the Reiki training with Sister Eileen as soon as I could.  I looked up the website and amazingly a course was available in two months time and on my birthday as well.  My very dear friend agreed to drive and attend with me.

I believe that divine “help” sent me as I was experiencing an overwhelming personal loss.   As I went through the three days my heart and soul knew I would heal and be able to cope with all that lay ahead.

Every day as many times as I needed I would listen to Sister Eileen’s self guided Reiki CD treatments.  This would take me right back to all the healing comfort I had during the course.  Just before bed I did the Reiki meditation hearing her voice and words which soothed me enough to sleep.

I truly feel the grace of the Divine sent me to Reiki to show me the way to peace and healing.  This has really saved my life and helped me to focus on the love of all that is, and release resentment and anger.  Every day I give myself a Reiki treatment. I cannot imagine how my life would be now if I had not “found” Reiki.  I will be forever grateful to the gifts received from Sister Eileen and Reiki.

Sandy N.

I am a retired Registered Nurse seeking new and fresh ways of being helpful to others.  It had been suggested to me by a friend that I should learn Reiki.  I began looking for Reiki instructors on-line and I found myself led to Sister Eileen Curteis who teaches through the Queenswood School of Reiki in Victoria.  I met Sister Eileen prior to the start of the workshop.  I had my first ever Reiki treatment from her.  What a wonderful experience!  I remember feeling very relaxed, serene and my entire body felt renewed and refreshed.

Sister Eileen assured me that following my training I would be able to share with others this Divine gift of healing energy that she had just shared with me.  I’m happy to say that I have completed my Usui Reiki Master training.

Sister Eileen is a wonderful instructor.  Her passion and enthusiasm for Reiki is unmatched.  This shines through in her supportive teaching approach.  The course material was explained in very clear and fine detail so it could be easily understood.  The wisdom imparted to me by Sister Eileen gave me the confidence to set up my own Reiki practice.

Julie H.

All my Reiki training including Usui Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki© Master has been with Sister Eileen Curteis through the Queenswood School of Reiki.  Every moment of it has been a blessing.

The world that was opened to me through Reiki healing heightened an awareness that lay dormant within me and for that I will forever be grateful.  Since then I have taken the teachings and have shared them with others and have met so many wonderful people along the way, all on the path of healing themselves and healing the world.  Such an incredible journey!

Bev P.

Reiki is my lifeline.  I live it, breathe it and offer it generously.  I searched for Sister Eileen over the years, having heard of this beautiful spirit who touches one’s soul with love and infinite light.  I wanted to do my Reiki Master Level through Sister Eileen and the Usui lineage.

I would describe the workshops and attunement ceremonies as a process of deep inner transformation and commitment.  It is truly a gathering of humble souls, intent on giving Reiki with great joy.  This brings deep inner peace to one’s soul.

Sister Eileen is able to transfer her joy and passion for healing with an abundance of infinite bliss.  She exudes this energizing wisdom with her magical touch that is so gentle and assured.  She epitomizes unconditional wisdom and love.

I was touched deeply by this quality of surrender to the Divine.  I knew that I was graced by a rare soul who believed totally in the Divine intervention of the Blessed Ones.  Being part of this Reiki community is indeed a rare gift.

Susan S.

I arrived at Queenswood as a nervous newcomer.  As soon as I stepped in the door, Sister Eileen and Sharon’s genuine kindness quickly put my mind at ease.  The “you can’t do it wrong” attitude sealed the deal.  By the end of the week-end I left not only with new skills but a deep confidence that with these new skills I could help others.  I would whole heartedly recommend Queenswood School of Reiki to anyone who asked.

For me, trying something new has always been a little scary.  I am so pleased I pushed myself a little to take a Karuna Reiki© Master course at Queenswood.  The great compassion and grace in which the Karuna course was taught by Sister Eileen and Sharon put my mind at ease.  I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the weekend including meeting like minded people whom also were drawn to this school.  I left with new skills and a deep confidence and connection to a higher purpose.  I am whole heartedly recommending Queenswood School of Reiki.

Tara G.

The Karuna© Reiki Master workshop felt like the natural next step to follow the Usui Reiki (Master) It was a very loving experience. I’m happy to have participated. Thank you!

Deb E.

The Medicine Wheel – Thank you so much for hosting this blessed event. Our God mysteriously drew me here to enjoy the companionship & wisdom of story-telling in a circle! How blessed I am to be called here to be a part of this deeply touching circle.

Tamara H.

Reiki I – This will not be apparent for awhile, however Reiki I has been instrumental in helping my life energy to shift profoundly. Through the Reiki I, I have been able to navigate several significant life changes that have been needed. As a result, my personal, spiritual and energetic orientation has become both deeper and higher.

Shannon H.

The Karuna® Master Level  I feel is a very integral part in enhancing the Reiki experience for both the ‘giver’ and the ‘receiver’. All Reiki students will benefit in their daily lives and in their practice. These workshops allow me to feel I am on the right path in life. Beautiful journey. Thank you.

Heidi F.

Reiki II – The Queenswood team created a very nurturing environment in which the Reiki teachings were easily absorbed. I’m walking away with the confidence and eagerness to acquire a table and offer private treatments.